Our Team

Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Board Member & Co-Founder

Khaled Al-Qazzaz is the co-founder and board member of QED. He is an education and technology consultant. He holds a Master of Applied Sciences in Mechanical Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto (UofT), and is pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration at Walden University. In 2005, Khaled moved to Egypt and established a K12- international school, fulfilling his vision of positive social change through education. During the Arab Spring, Khaled joined thousands of youth marching in Tahrir Square, dreaming of freedom and democracy. In 2012, Khaled served in the first democratically elected government of Egypt, where his focus was on foreign relations, human rights and women's rights. With the military coup in 2013, Khaled, was subjected to 18 months of forced disappearance and solitary confinement under sever inhumane conditions, without charges. After a successful international campaign led by his wife, Sarah, Khaled was freed and the family came back to Canada in August 2016. Two months after Khaled and Sarah founded QED as a way to pay forward the tremendous support they received from Canadians during their ordeal.

Sara Attia

Chair of the Board & Co-Founder

Sara Attia is a graduate of the University of Toronto, faculty of Engineering and holds a BSc and MASC in chemical engineering. Sarah spent over 10 years working on providing quality education to students in Eypt as a principle, teacher , and founder of an international school in Cairo, Egypt. Once back in Canada, Sarah returned to her interest in curriculum development, character education, and community contribution. She is currently developing character education programs for MAC Islamic private schools. Sarah has always had a passion for working with young people in the Muslim community and currently serves as the Director of Youth at the Muslim Association of Canada. The campaign Sarah led in 2015, to free Khaled, served as a building block to QED. QED became Sarah's way to give back to the community that stood y her during her ordeal.

Memona Hussein

Board Vice Chair

Mermona is currently the vice chair of the QED board. Her contribution to the community in the in the areas of restorative justice, mental health, and community development over the past 15 years led her to joining the QED team. She currently resides in Brampton and works in the fields of social services and systems navigation. She is a Service Resolution Coordinator at the Youth Services of Peel. Mermona holds a Master's in Education from University of Toronto; and is currently pursuing a degree in Art Therapy and a PhD in Ecophsychology. Mermona helped start the FreeKQ campaign and was an important member throughout the campaign.

Dr. Aaida Mamuji

Board Secretary

Dr. Aida A. Mamuji is an Assistant Professor in Disaster & Emergency Management at York University. Prior to this, she was working in the Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster response Group of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Development (now Global Affairs of Canada) as a Policy Advisor, and was 2013-2014 Cadieux-Leger Fellow. Dr.Mamuji completed her PhD in Public Administration at the University of Ottawa, with a major in Public Policy. Her areas of interest are social vulnerability and capability in the disaster complex, hosting and resettlement, international responses to natural disasters and risk assesment.

Akram Nafee

Board Member

Akram Nafee is an Engineer with an eight year experience in Microchip design. He is currently a Senior Design Engineer at Kapik Integration. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. At university, he has been active with the Muslim Student Association (MSA), contributing to various outreach and religious accommodation initiatives. He was one of the founding members of the Student for World Justice committee. Moreover, his ten years of experience as a youth worker with the Muslim Association of Canada and his service as the Mississauga Chapter Youth Representative from 2012 to 2014 led him to become part of the QED team.

Dr. Nadia Abu-Zahra

Board Member

Dr. Abu Zahra is an Associate Professor of International Development and Global Studies and a member of the Human Rights Research and Education Center at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Abu-Zahra co-facilitates the University of Ottawa's team project in Community Mobilization in Crisis, to co-create open educational resources for local international use. Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, Dr. Abu -Zahra was a research fellow at the University of Oxfors Refugee Studies Centre, and a SSHRC Posdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Abu-Zahra has served as a consultant to the senate, RCMP (for international development and human rights promotion), and as an expert advisor to the Canadian Immigration and Refugee board. She serves on the Reconciliation Committee of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and was an elected Director on the Federation's Board from 2011-2015.

Noheir Elgendy

Executive Director

Dr. Noheir has a long experience of developing community, participatory, and research projects in the Middle East, Italy, and Canada. She holds a PhD degree in urban regeneration of informal settlements from Polytechnic University in Milan and is an Assistant Professor in Architecure and Urbanism, with teaching experience in Cairo University, University of Polytechnic Milan, and the Kingston University London. She is currently a Sessional lecturer at Ryerson University - Department of Architectural Science. Aside from the academic field, Noheir is also the co-founder of Chagara - Block Printing Textiles, that specializes in authentic fabrics, combining self-expression and story inspired textiles. Chagara is an eco-friendly business using natural dyes and organic textiles, aiming to empower women working in traditional handcrafts.

Kawthar Alkholy

Productions Manager

Kawthar is working on several projects since joining the QED team in May 2018. She has recently launched her "Family Law" series which she has been working on since June 2018. The production of a video series on the Canadian Family law targeting Arabic-speaking newcomers and refugees in Canada and another series fro the Women Wellness Program. She has organized various workshops on the Family Law in Canada and the WWP that is still ongoing every few weeks in various locations like Hamilton, Guelph and Mississauga. Before coming to Canada and joining QED, Kawthar was the co-founder of the Noon Center for women and family issues. In addition to that, Kawthar worked as a consultant for a number of organizations working on violence against women in Denmark. She has experience in journalism and has been awarded the best media production award in 2015; from the Arab Women Organization on the series is "Women Issues In Islam".

Alia Al- Qazzaz

Research Assistant

Alia is the research assistant at QED. She has graduated with a BA degree in Honors Social psychology at McMaster University. Alia gained her experience in the community service sector through her work with different NGOs in Canada and Egypt. She is currently working with NISA homes , as well as dropping into help QED with their ongoing projects. Her activism on-campus and student groups has helped her with knowledge about human rights; and help for the refugee community. Her field of study and interests in social justice and community service, brought her to work at QED.

Ola Hassan

Project Coordinator

Ola Hassan is QED own Project Manager. She has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and is a mother of two. During her time living in Egypt she was part of the handball team from the age of 9 till 22. She and her family moved to Canada in 2015 to pursue her husbands work abroad. At QED she deals with grants, meetings with our partners and helps with research assisting; as well as organizing our projects into goals. She makes sure everything is completed on time and our projects are ready to send out to the public.

Malak El-Batroukh

Social Media Assistant

Malak is our Social Media Assistant at QED. She is currently studying Global Studies with an Option of Social Entrepreneurship and a specialization in International Development.; at Wilfred Laurier University. Malak started off as an intern with us in summer 2019, and is continuing with us with our projects and handling our Social Media posts. She gains her experience by joining clubs on campus that give her a sense of leadership, and helps refugees feel welcome in their campus. As well as her ongoing support for social justice and human rights.

Rafat Al-Sayed

Junior Production Manager

Rafat is our go-to film maker at QED. He handles all of our projects that include info graphics and editing of production. He created the info graphic for our IVote project; which our interns came up with as their summer project. He started off with QED as an intern and is continuing with us as a junior production manager. Before QED he worked for the Social Promotion Foundation as a videographer and editor. As well as with the Questscope as a photography trainer. He is currently completing his Bachelors degree at Sheridan College, for Art and Film.