About Our Projects

At QED we inspire one another with what needs to be done in order to help our communities. Our projects are filled with so much dedication and support that they are carried out after hard work. At QED we take the more quantity then quality approach when working on our projects. With our previous projects it has been a successful turnout; we have helped the new comer community by diving deep in what they need and how we can provide it for them.

By making these programs accessible it has been a very well provision for them and has helped them with traumatic experiences and catch-up programs to help them with catching up with school programs. Also we have tried to put the use of technology and their education hand in hand.

Our projects are:

  • Family Law Project
  • Catch-Up Programs
  • Women Wellness Programs
  • Accesible Language Programs
  • English Tutoring Program

On the tab above there is each of our projects explained in detail on what purpose they serve; and their success towards the refugee community.