QED In The Media

The QED foundation was introduced in TheTorontoStar newspaper for its Women Wellness Program. In December, 2017 the Star asked the QED team questions and details about the program and what it helps with. The Women Wellness Program has helped many women over come traumatic experiences, as well as providing them with a safe and welcoming environment.

In August, Khaled Al-Qazzaz returned to Canada after a 3 year ordeal in Egypr for wrongful imprisonment. Within a few months, Sarah Attia, Khaleds wife fought long and hard for his freedom and to get her kids their father back. Aisha Khaja interviews wife of Khaled Al-Qazzaz, Sara Attia, about Khaleds journey from his time in imprisonment, to his journey back to Canada.

“As he lay awake in a insect-infested cell in the solitary confinement wing of an Egyptian prison, one thought kept Khaled Al-Qazzaz going.

If they ever made it out alive, he told his prison-mate Mohamed Fahmy, one day they would meet again in Toronto — free.

He would reunite with his wife and the two of them would launch some sort of school, something to build on their passion for education.” Shanifa Nasser said

Bayan Khatib, QED Communications Director, gives a talk titled: “My Journey from Syria, to UTM, to Writing, and to Syrian Community Activism” at the University of Toronto, at Mississauga.

A touching talk about her journey; from Syrian to Canada; and how it empowered her to be better.